Welcome to RARE EARTH design studio!
Burt, Jennifer and Beth are a jewellery manufacturing family working together to present our jewellery designs for sale on Etsy. Our goal is to produce affordable designer jewellery that you will not see everywhere. Our range of jewellery includes hand-made, traditional to individually sculpted modern pieces.
Our ideas are inspired by the virtues of the stones and metals we work with. Most of our jewellery designs are to some degree repeatable, however some are one off pieces due to an unusual stone shape.
Our belief is that quality and satisfaction are of paramount importance.

Beth mainly contributes to RareEarth DS as a jewellery manufacturer. She presents her own jewellery and feather art designs at her BethCarina Etsy shop.

We are located in NSW Australia.
Interested in finding out more about us? Visit our website at www.rareearthds.com

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